World Language School

The real English experience of your life!

Focusing on the student, the methodology that we adopt takes into account the individual character and needs of each student. Age, style of learning, personal motivation, everything is considered so that satisfaction in learning is guaranteed. It is a flexible and ecclectic style of teaching English.

Most of the lessons develop the necessary conversational skills and the ability to understand spoken English, which we consider as absolutely necessary, in spite of its being a complete course: we also develop reading and writing skills.

From the very first lesson you will be able to think in English and communicate with teachers and colleagues. See the results for yourself!


General English Courses
(15 hours / week)
Peterborough 2, 4, 8, 12, 24, 36 or 48 weeks £100 / week
"One to one" (Individual classes one to one, 5 classes must be book in advance) Peterborough 9am - 4pm £30 / hour
Part-time Studies (only available for European Community members or UK Residents) Peterborough 3 hours per day

£9 / day (£25 registration, non-refundable)

The prices can be modified at any time without previous notice.
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