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The real English experience of your life!

World Language School Host Families always give our students a warm welcome! Our host families have a very important responsibility and duty during the stay of the students here in England. They have the obligation to interact and teach them a little bit of their day by day life style, their culture, etc. and to try to provide an unforgettable cultural experience during their stay!

They all have been inspected before they can be in our books, and their general obligations are:

Look after the student during the period of stay.

Provide a tidy and clean room.

Provide breakfast.

Provide "Packed Lunch" (2 sandwiches + 1 piece of fruit + 1 juice + 1 crisps).

Provide evening meal.

Take them to and from school on their first day of their stay in Peterborough / Newcastle so they can learn their way to school including the bus number or Metro route..

Each family has their own house rules, they don’t have to tolerate or accept everything the students do; it is very important that all students and participants of our Study Holidays understand that staying in a host family isn’t the same as staying in a hotel. They are not servants and students and participants must respect at all times their culture, house rules and way of life, which is one of the benefits of a host family staying.

For more details please check Conditions of Accommodation.


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