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Each family has their own house rules, they don’t have to tolerate and accept everything the students do, is very important that all the students and participants of our program the Study Holidays understand that staying in a Host family isn’t stay in a hotel, they are not servants and the students and participants must respect at all times their culture, house rules and way of life, that is why they came to England to find out how English people live and their culture.

You are a representative of World Language School, your school and your country during your stay in England.

You must behave in a correct and appropriate manner at all times in and out of school.

You must advise the host family of any plans you may have. You are a guest in their house and you must respect this at all times.

You must have returned to the host family by 1830 * Sunday to Monday and *Friday and Saturday.

If the host family requires you to be home earlier you must agree to this.

If a student’s behaviour is unacceptable World Language School reserves the right to suspend the student from the course after 2 warnings.

In serious breaches of acceptable conduct, the student may be returned home.

There is no eating or drinking allowed in the classroom. This includes chewing gum.

Mobile phones are to be completely switched off in class.

The teacher has the right to confiscate any item which is banned in the classroom.

The teacher has the right to refuse entry to any student late for class.

World Language School will not wait for students who are late for organised activities and trips.

Any breakages will be paid for by the responsible student’s or their parents.

You will respect all the staff and other students at World Language School.

You will be quiet when walking around the school so as not to disturb other lessons.


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