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Our Scottish experience began on March the 21st, when we were to go to Edinburgh. Going there was a bit tiring because firstly we had to go by coach to Madrid, where we were going to take the plane. The flight was direct to Edinburgh.

As we arrived in Edinburgh a little bit late, we had time just to go to each family in groups of two or three per family, and to meet them and have a first impression of the Scottish people.

I have to admit that at first it was a bit difficult to understand the people in my host family, because they had a very strong accent, as many people in there.

The second day there, we went to an international school, where we spent two or three hours, and where we would have lessons once or two hours each day. In that school we met people from other countries and from other places from Spain, too.

The other thing we did each day was going to visit around Edinburgh or around other villages in Scotland. The visits we did were interesting and educative too, because for example as we were visiting the Edinburgh castle, we were listening to the history of that castle and also to the history of Scotland. There we went to two castles, as I have just said, one was the Edinburgh`s castle, and the other one was the Stirling castle.

Other activity was going to the oldest part of Edinburgh, which is a very interesting part, because as Edinburgh was attacked so many times, in the past and was in war so many times, the city was built around the castle for the protection that it provided, but as it was a very reduced area, they had already built houses and streets all around the castle. They began building houses and streets on the actual streets which led to have underground streets. And those streets were which we visited. They explained us that the deeper they lived, the poorer they were. It was a way of distribution of the people in social strates.

We also went to the palace which is at the end of the Royal Mile. And just beside the palace we also went to the parliament, where we could sit down as one of its politicians.

In my opinion, going abroad is always a very interesting and formative activity, because at the time you are enjoying it with your friends, you can also improve your English, and it´s something that I would recommend to the next year students, because in addition, Edinburgh is a beautiful place and it has also places to go shopping. I enjoyed it very much.


Our trip to Edinburgh by Marta Alonso García (1º Bach-A)

We went one week to Edinburgh to learn English and visit the city.

We left Valladolid the 21st of March, we had to go to Madrid because in Valladolid there weren't any flights to Edinburgh.

We arrived at our host families houses too late, so that day we didn’t do anything special.

The “first” day we stayed there, we went to a city tour to visit the most important places in Edinburgh, and we had a little free time so we had the opportunity to see shops and to practise English .In the afternoon we had lessons. In the lessons we had to speak the most English we could. One night that we did, in my opinion, the funniest activity of all the trip; we went to dance Ceilidh (Scottish Dance).We danced with a lot of students from many different countries. It was real fun.

The next day, we visited the Edinburgh Castle, in Edinburgh there are a lot of castles, this castle was near the city center,it was very big and beautiful, we visited the castle on our own, but after that we had to went back to the classes. When the classes were over, we could do whatever we want, so we met with the people we wanted and we went out until the time that our family said to us.

On Saturday, we had a full day trip and we went to Stirling, in the morning we visited other castle and in the afternoon we visited a typical cow of Scotland and a very beautiful lake.

The Sunday was the host families’ day, many families didn’t do anything with his students, so most people met with his friends and went shopping or stayed together.

On Monday the classes 'timetable changed, we had classes in the morning and trips in the afternoon. In the afternoon, we visited the Royal Yacht Britannia, it was the yacht of the British Royal Family, it was very luxurious and big. It was interesting to see.

The next day, we had more lessons in the morning. All week we were working in a project that we had to exposed so that day was the last day we had lessons and we exposed in teams the project to the rest of the class. There were a lot of topics: Scottish food, the royal family, the host families, Scottish writers,etc… In the afternoon, we visited the Camera Obscura, where you could see and do- incredible things, and also we visited the Museum of Modern Art.

The last day was Wednesday 28th.That day we didn’t have any lessons. In the morning we visited The Parliament and Mary King’s Close, and at four o’clock we had to said goodbye to Edinburgh because we had to take the flight. We arrived in Valladolid at half past two in the morning. We were very tired but it was a very good experience to learn and practise English in other country.

In my opinion, the trip was fantastic, we did a lot of things, and we were lucky because the weather was incredible. It was sunny and hot every day. We couldn’t believe our eyes.Edinbugh is a very beautiful city to visit.

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